Warren Says That She Wants to Break Up Google and Amazon

Elizabeth Warren, a senator from Massachusetts, has stated that she would like to break up massive companies like Google and Amazon to “stimulate competition in a monopolistic market.” Warren claims that the companies grew primarily through mergers, and that the people who are supposed to be ensuring this does not happen are not doing their jobs correctly. Part of Warren’s proposal to break up the giants is that any platform that earns more than $25 billion will be considered platform utilities. If something is a platform utility, then it cannot own the participants on the platform and the platform simultaneously.

Warren’s proposal also states that she will hire people to nullify mergers from large companies if she becomes President; she has already named specific mergers that she plans to undo. One of these mergers includes the acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp by Facebook. When asked, she commented, “healthy competition can solve a lot of problems.”

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