What's up with "Organic Food"?

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

If you have recently gone to your local grocery store, you may have seen food that is classified as “organic”. If you have, then you are part of the majority as many companies and businesses have recently made drastic changes to their advertising, showing seemingly perfect food that is great because of the benefits it gets from being organic, such as supposedly tasting better and being healthier for consumption. But, recent studies in Sweden have shown that there is almost no difference in health between consumers that eat mostly “organic” produce and consumers that eat average produce. The slight difference in health is caused by the Placebo effect, an effect that makes our bodies able to be affected by our thoughts on if we are in a good situation or a bad situation, and our bodies will react respectively.

Another common claim of companies that sell “organic” produce is that pesticides are never tolerated with their produce. A simple evaluation of farms for these companies will show otherwise. The average farmers that sell “organic” produce actually commonly use pesticides. They are required to make an oath that states that they will only use pesticides as a last resort, but most farmers use pesticides as much as they feel necessary.

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