AdSense What's up with Ross Ulbricht?

What's up with Ross Ulbricht?

Ross Ulbricht was the founder of the popular dark web site, The Silk Road. People used it to buy and sell drugs, Work Visas, electronics, and much more. It ran under a .onion domain. All .onion domains can only be accessed by using the Tor browser, which was ironically made by the government. The FBI tracked him down, he was arrested, and the website was seized. He got a double life sentence + 40 years without parole. All the charges were nonviolent, which was strongly emphasized by the website partitioning to get him out of prison, His mom, Lynn Ulbricht runs the moment to get him out of prison. Although, the case gets confusing. There are claims of witness tampering, warrant-less seizures of internet traffic, first amendment violations, and much more on their website. Also, there is proof that that DPR accounts (His online alias) were logged into after he went to prison. Someone remade the site, which had the same items listed on it, and got no prison time. The largest drug dealer on the site was sentenced to only 10 years in prison. Around 125,000 people have signed their petition. Now presidential candidate John McAfee (Yes the guy who made McAfee anti-Virus) supports the moment to free him, and has hinted at pardoning him if elected.

Overall, this prosecution seems fishy, and I would like to see it retried.

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