Why 2019 Will Be A Good Year For Combating Climate Change

Last year was a bad year for combating climate change. Greenhouse gas emission reached record highs and regulations preventing these emissions have been loosened. We are at a stage where everybody needs to contribute to keep the earth as it is. But there are signs that 2019 could be a better year than 2018. In 2018, polls showed that most of the general public supported addressing climate change. It’s expected that this support won’t go away anytime soon. Not only is public support signaling 2019 will be a good year, but renewable energy consumption keeps rising. In 2018, solar Power, wind Power, and hydroelectric power usage all went up. The trend is expected to continue into 2019. The rise of electric scooters as a viable method of transportation will also help aid the fight against climate change. Electric Scooters were a big thing in 2018 and more of them will be sold in 2019. Electric scooters are a more environmentally friendly way to get around. Carbon Capture technology will also continued to be developed. The technology will capture greenhouse gasses from the air.

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