Why Democrats Should Work With Trump on The Border Wall.

Since he ran for president on June 2015, Donald Trump has pushed to build a wall on the southern border. Three years later, he is still attempting to gather funds for it. The Democrats are refusing to cooperate with Trump on the wall and a government shutdown is looming. There are many reasons the democrats should work with Trump on the border wall. One reason is that this will cut expenses on undocumented immigrants. Undocumented immigrants cost the US $116 billion. This is around $10,000 per migrant. All of this money is paid by taxpayers. We shouldn’t be paying this much money for people that we never allowed to come in at the first place. A border wall will lessen the number of undocumented immigrants coming in so that the money we give to the government is used for better things. Another reason we should build a wall is that it will reduce the amount of drugs coming in into the US. Over 80% of illegal drugs come from the southern border. In 2005, the government seized over 8 million pounds of illegal drugs worth $80 billion from the southern border. A wall would make it much harder for these drug cartels to smuggle drugs into the United States. There are reasons to pay for the wall, but the parties won’t agree to cooperate on it anytime soon.

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