Why Political Violence Hurts Your Side


Just about anyone who has given the matter any serious thought or investigation will know that politics is a very, very taboo topic. Ever since the dawn of democracy, Liberals and Conservatives, Progressives and Primitivists, Anarchists and Statists, and other political rivalries have wrathfully fought each other, trying to bring their big ideas to the government headquarters of their respective nations.

Because of the hate all these ideologies have for each other, there has been a, and I’ll be frank, disturbing rise of complacency with political violence, which is the act of injuring/killing political opponents in the name of reform. Political violence can work, however, it is hazardous and morally repugnant to use political violence as your choice of method, whether you’re on the Left or the Right. The purpose of this article is to debunk the importance of political violence and to show the benefits of civil disobedience.

To start off, violence, political or otherwise, is wrong. To attack someone for disagreeing with you, even if they are Nazis, Communists, Maoists, or Stalinists. There is only one exception to the rule that violence is wrong: If you are acting peacefully, and are attacked because you are a political pundit, a politician, a targeted ethnic, sexual, or religious group, and/or are leading a peaceful protest, it is perfectly okay to fight back.

Secondly, political violence makes your side, whether it is the Left or the Right look untrustworthy and dumb. When you, instead of having an in-depth conversation with your opponents, violently attack your opponent, you, and as a consequence, your side looks too dumb to make a substantive argument.

And finally, civil disobedience, the act of peacefully defying a flawed society/government with protest, has worked numerous times ever since it was conceived by the genius Henry David Thoreau in his log cabin in the forests of eastern America. Civil means were used to dissolve the Soviet Union, civil disobedience was instrumental in the abolition of slavery, civil disobedience lead to the legalization of gay marriage, and civil disobedience was also used in the independence movement of Kosovo. While I do realize that the American Civil War happened, ultimately, slavery was abolished peacefully. All that really had to happen was for Abraham Lincoln to sign the Emancipation Proclamation.

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