AdSense Why Weed should stay illegal

Why Weed should stay illegal

Marijuana is being legalized in numerous states but banned in others. But this marijuana debate shouldn’t be this polarizing. Firstly, marijuana would be very damaging to adolescents. A study from Northwestern University show the hippocampus was oddly shaped of those who were exposed marijuana when they were 16 and 17. This is concerning as the hippocampus of the brain is the part which controls short term memory. Those who had been exposed when they were 16 or 17 to marijuana scored an average of 18% lower than those who weren’t, in a long term memory test.

Secondly, roads would be much more dangerous as drivers could be under the influence of marijuana. With alcohol there is the breathalyzer test there is no such test for weed. Much evidence is pointing to weed affecting a drivers performance.

Marijuana should stay illegal.

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