Wilbur Ross Says Federal Employees Should Take Loans To Help With Their Financial Situation

Steven Ferdman—Getty Images

On Thursday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross stated that he does not understand why federal workers are making use of services such as food banks when they can just take loans to temporarily improve their financial situation. According to Ross, a few unions and banks are offering low-interest loans to any workers that are being affected by the shutdown.

“When you think about it, these are basically government-guaranteed loans, because the government has committed.” Ross stated “These folks will get their back pay once this whole thing gets settled down.” After Ross said all of this, Democratic lawmakers swiftly began denouncing all of his comments.

One US Forest Service employee named Eric Pfeifer already has a mortgage to take care of for his new house and does not understand how just taking a loan will work. On Thursday, Eric said, ”I'm very much in a state of transition that started before the shutdown, getting any credit would be complicated, to say the least.” Some of the countries largest banks don't even offer low-interest loans to federal employees due to the shutdown.

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