Will Kansas Win The Big 12?

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If you follow college basketball, then you may know that the Kansas Jayhawks are normally a pretty good team. They have been in the top ten for most of this season. Lately, however, Kansas has been struggling. They lost three of their last four games, with the most recent one being on Tuesday to Texas.

For the past fourteen years, the Jayhawks have been the top team in the big twelve. They aren’t as good as they were in previous seasons. The only thing that may make it 15 championships is that there isn’t a better team. Texas Tech looked like they had a really good shot early in the season, but they are the second-worst offensive team in the big 12. TCU has managed a couple wins, but they were crushed by Texas Tech. Iowa State has an explosive offense, but they are inconsistent. WVU has a losing record so that kind of washes away their chances.

Overall, it looks like Kansas is most likely to be the champion of the big 12 even though it isn’t one of their best years. The teams who are most likely to face them in the championship are probably either Texas Tech, Oklahoma, or TCU. Honestly, though, you don’t know who will play who. In reality, it’s the big 12, you never know what will happen.

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