Will The Lakers Make The Playoffs?

Lebron James is a very well-known NBA star. Lebron has won so many consecutive championships that it would have been crazy to think he didn’t have a shot at winning it all. Well, it wouldn’t be crazy anymore. He has already made the NBA finals in two franchises in his career, with Miami and Cleveland, but this season isn’t looking too promising. In fact, the Lakers may not be in the playoffs at all. Many of the younger Laker players have declined in performance from last season. If the players had played better this season, then they may have been able to make a deal with the Pelicans for Anthony Davis. However, this didn’t happen. All of these factors could have played into the team the Lakers are now.

The Lakers best short term bet is to hope that Josh Hart and Lonzo Ball can play and recover from their injuries to help the Lakers if they make it to the playoffs. The Lakers are only projected to have a 25% chance of getting into the playoffs. Those are pretty tough odds for any team to beat.

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