WWDC 2019 Has Concluded and There’s a Lot to Talk About

Image: Apple

This year's WWDC has made a ton of product and software announcements from iPadOS to the new Mac Pro. Apple showed off IOS 13, the most notable feature being dark mode for system apps. The Photos app was overhauled and they added new photo and video editing features. They also unveiled the new macOS version, macOS Catalina, named after Santa Catalina Island off the shore of Los Angeles. The main features include: the Find Me App, an app which can help find your mac even without WiFi; Screen Time: Photos App Update, just like on iOS 13; and Using the iPad as secondary display. The iPadOS also has new changes, like multitasking, mouse support, and shrinking the keyboard.

There were less hardware announcements, the most significant one being the Mac Pro going back to the old 'cheese grater' design. The Mac Pro truly is a professional machine; it can support up to 1.5 terabytes of RAM and four AMD Vegas graphics cards. The other announcement was the new 6K display. However, significant controversy has been generated due to Apple's price of $5,000 for the 6K display, as well as $1,200 for a stand and mount; buying a Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR, stand, and the mount would cost about $12,200.

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